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The live mapping service is not purely about achieving maximum power, but it is designed to produce a highly driveable car according to the modifications.  These are just as important, if not more important, than outright power as we invariably spend 95% of our driving time during these variable conditions.

Of course power is nothing without safety, therefore “maximum power” does not mean the absolute limit that balances so precisely on the precipice. These are road cars* and despite the odd track day and drag run they need to cope with variations in fuel and environmental conditions for general reliability. With this in mind, there are many advantages to the factory ecu which includes the built in safety features.

What is involved in the mapping?

Each car will receive a bespoke map according to their modifications including the following:

  1. Wide Open Throttle fueling & timing
  2. Part Throttle fueling & timing
  3. RPM limiter modification
  4. Boost control*
  5. Idle modification**
  6. Cold start modification**
  7. Lambda control**

*Turbo cars only
**Bigger injectors only

The fueling, timing and boost are optimised according to real-time AFR output and knock detection feedback. We ensure we tune your car for the greatest range of dynamic driving conditions i.e. engine loading, boost delivery. If a rolling road power run is requested then we can provide a full print out of BHP and torque coupled with an AFR fueling and boost trace. Each mapping session includes the set-up of electronic boost controllers e.g. Greddy, Apexi and Blitz, or where required a manual bleed valve..

Preparing the car

Before bringing the car to us for mapping, it is important that the car should be in a road legal state i.e. MOT, tax & insurance. It is also a good idea to ensure everything is in good health at the current level of tune. This is a basic checklist to consider:

  1. Oil level
  2. Coolant level
  3. Engine temps normal
  4. Clutch condition
  5. Tyres
  6. Brakes
  7. Full petrol tank

As part of the service we will check the car to ensure that all fluid levels are correct and that the car is generally in good health before taking it on the road. We can also undertake a compression test on the engine for extra peace of mind (see prices). We are happy to advise on the car's current specification in conjunction with your tuning goals in order to get the best out of your car on the day and suggest future upgrades.

Potential Issues

The last thing anybody wants is problems therefore we make sure that if we can fix something, then we will. For this reason we carry a number of ignition and fuel related parts, which commonly affect the mapping process e.g. misfires, fuel starvation (see prices). Should we encounter a problem on the day then we will try our very best to make sure we can fix it and complete the mapping process.

How Long?

Once again this depends on the state of tune. A mildly tuned car should take no more than half a day whereas a highly tuned car running bigger injectors will require a full day, sometimes more. We are located in central Bristol therefore everything is within walking distance making it easy to while away a few hours.